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Mzilikazi Youth Center Restoration Project

Join us as we work together to transform a community youth center in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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Phase 3: 

Creating a Brighter Future

Rebuilding the Mzilikazi Youth Center in Zimbabwe


The Mzilikazi Youth Center in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has the potential to be a vibrant destination for youth. But it lacks the basics to help it function. Together we can contribute to finance the repairs!

Mzilikazi Changemakers

Creating Future Leaders

Film Maker

Creating an Industry

Lymon 'Mundie' Moyo doesn't wait around to make his dreams come true! An actor, hip hop artist, and film director, Mundie is finishing his 4th year of film school. Learn more about Mundie and check out his projects at MZTV.

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