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Letter from the Executive Director

2022 - A Year to Remember

2022 was a year to remember in Mzilikazi! I traveled to Bulawayo in August and I’m so excited to report to you about all the positive change I’ve seen at the Mzilikazi Youth Center (MYC) since we began our work together building infrastructure for the community’s youth center.

PHOTO-2022-08-29-06-32-54 (1) (1).jpg
PHOTO-2022-08-29-06-32-54 (1) (1).jpg

When we work together

Many of you have been on this journey with us since 2020. We’ve worked together as a community to fundraise in numerous and significant ways with the knowledge that we can make a difference in the lives of many people by pooling our resources.


The first year I couldn’t believe we raised $10,000 through backyard concerts and online fundraisers during the pandemic shutdown. Those funds allowed us to install a solar powered well that is now serving the entire Mzilikazi community and impacting the lives of dozens of families. 2020-21 Impact Report ››

Solar panels have been installed! 

Thanks to you and our matching grant donation, our campaign in 2021-22, raised another $15,000 which allowed us to install solar electricity panels on the roof of the MYC. View our 2022 annual report,

These solar panels allow the center to continue supplying power during frequent load shedding and power cuts. Because of the panels, local youth are using the center to charge their devices, dance troops can practice with music, and a day's work is no longer lost by those utilizing the electricity.


But don't just take my words for it, watch our impact video and hear from the residents themselves!

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